Journal of Logic, Language and Information

FoLLI edits its own Journal of Logic, Language and Information (JoLLI) which is published by Springer.

The scope of JoLLI is the logical and computational associations of natural, formal, and programming languages, as well as the different forms of human and mechanized inference. It covers the logical, linguistic, and computational parts of the cognitive sciences. The emphasis lies on theoretical and interdisciplinary aspects of these areas. The aim of JoLLI is to serve as a forum for researchers interested in the associations of the above subjects and their interdisciplinary connections, with an emphasis on general ideas increasing coherence. It is hoped that the Journal will meet a need of an interdisciplinary community whose important publications have been scattered across different fields and journals so far.

Main themes include intensional logics and dynamic logic; non-monotonic logic and belief revision; constructive logics; complexity in logic and linguistics; theoretical problems of logic programming; categorial grammar and type theory; generalized quantification; information-oriented theories of semantic structure like situation semantics, discourse representation theory, and dynamic semantics; connectionist models of logical and linguistic structures.

For further information about JoLLI, please consult the Journal site at Springer On-Line.